Bogus Bones
The Long Way Home - Out Now!

All Flat - Jared Croteau (Drums), Brad Hyland (Guitar), Aron Sinclair(Guitar), Xenoyote

Hot Shot - Dan Burke (Vocals), Spenser Gralla (Guitar)

Lil Sound - Tommy Allen and Sarah Cronin (Vocals), Carter Tanton (Lead Guitar), Michael Petrucci (Bongos)

Could You Give Us Some Spaceman? - Ann Chaffee (Bass Clarinet)

Blue Dot Dub - Dan Cella (Keyboards and other Programming) Ann Chaffee (Bass Clarinet)

Heavens Sake - Michelle Cassanetti and Tommy Allen (Vocals)

May It Field - Dan Burke (Backup Vocals), James Wickens (Lead Guitar), Ian Mayo Brown (Sax), Ann Chaffee (Flute & Bari Clarinet), Bill Chaffee (Trumpet)

It Ain't Far - Chris Warren and Kristen Daily (Vocals), Aron Sinclair (Guitar), Ann Chaffee (Flute)

Round Trip - James Wickens (Lead Vocals, Guitar, Mellotron, Percussion), Dan Burke (Bass and Vocals), Sam Cohen (Lead Guitar), Josh Kaufman (String Machine and Harmonica), Brad Hyland (Guitar and Vocals), Annie Nero, Tommy Allen and Natalie Vanlandingham (vocals)

State of Mind - James Wickens (Backup Vocals), Tommy Allen (Lead Guitar), Ann Chaffee (Bass Clarinet)

Pepper - Dave Vicini (Vocal), Tommy Allen, Dan Burke, and James Wickens (Backup Vocals), Spenser Gralla (Synth), Ann Chaffee (Flute), Dan Cella (Keyboard and Programming)

Lo0sys - Dan Cella (Keyboards and Programming)